Monday, June 22, 2020

Fractured - Book Tour and Giveaway

by J.A. Wynters 
Genre: Romance 

Who knew hiding from a pandemic would be easier than hiding from the man you despise? 

A forced emergency landing in the middle of nowhere forces Kate Bourke and Josh Thompson into quarantine for the next two weeks. 

Stuck in a tiny hotel room, there’s nowhere to hide from Josh, the man that stole her job and gives her hate glares each time she walks into a room, who makes her blood heat and her heart slam in her chest. 

Locked together in close proximity. 

His distant fa├žade begins to crack, and what spills out threatens to consume them both. 

Fractured lives are not as easily repairable as other broken things, but sometimes breaking, can leave you more whole than ever. 

A Standalone Enemies to Lovers Romance 

Jane Wynters doesn't quite know how to answer the question of "where are you from?" She's moved from place to place like a snowflake on the wind always searching for a safe place to land. She loves meeting new people and exploring new places. She loves reading, writing and conjuring new worlds from her imagination. 

$25 Amazon 

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