Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Kendrick Pennsylvania Series - Book Tour and Giveaway

Under the Sycamore 
The Kendrick Pennsylvania Series Book 1 
by J. McCreary 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 

Welcome to Kendrick Pennsylvania... where the secrets and lies are rooted deep

For Evan Masters one secret has controlled and destroyed her life. A secret that has kept her from the one place she could truly call home. A secret that has kept her from the person she loves most. But, when that person calls for her help, Evan swallows down her fears and goes and finds that sometimes hidden secrets have an annoying way of resurfacing.

For Levi Kincaid one lie has freed him and given him life. A lie that has brought him happiness and a home. A lie that he has forged deep friendships from and when Evan Masters comes into his life that lie brings him someone to love.

When the two bring their secrets and lies together, it forms a beautiful bond. One that is unbreakable, even when those secrets come to light.

Can Levi help Evan free herself from the secret that has controlled her every move for the last nineteen years? And will Evan learn to trust the gorgeous, tattooed and bearded man telling her that she is worthy of love?

Under the Sycamore is a beautiful story of learning to trust, second chances, love, family, friends, small towns, restoration and excavation. 

Out of the Flames 
The Kendrick Pennsylvania Series Book 2 

Welcome back to Kendrick Pennsylvania, where the secrets and lies are rooted deep...

Della Richardson has finally got her life together. Freshly clean and sober, she is determined to no longer be called the town junkie, that girl who everyone knows as a lost cause. She is determined to get her life together and make it a normal one. At least as normal as possible living in Kendrick.

Rex Whitney has never had his life together. He has never cared that he is called the town gigolo, the male whore that no one wants to see their daughters with. Drugs, booze and women are his favorite parts of life, and living in Kendrick has always made his favorite things easy to get.

But when Rex sees Della running down his road every day and stopping in front of his home, the home that was once hers, feelings from the past come flooding back.

A past that comes back to haunt.

A past that comes back to ruin lives.

Together Rex and Della uncover the lies that destroyed so much, but will they be able to cope with the truth?

Out of the Flames is a story of two broken people coming together to form one mended and complete soul. Two people who put the ugliness of their pasts behind them and learn to move forward to see the beauty that is all around them. 

J. McCreary resides in Battle Ground Washington where she lives for pajamas, coffee and rainy days. She is the wife of a bearded man-child, mother of a teenage daughter and mom to two giant dogs and one sassy little cat. 

When she isn't writing you can find her looking at Pinterest, drinking beer or taking a nap. She lives a very full and exciting life. 

Her 5th grade teacher predicted she would be a published author some day, so J took matters into her own hands and made the prediction come true with her first book, giving her a taste of the writing world. It sparked a small fire for her, giving her what she needed to keep going and live a dream. 

1 ebook copy of Under the Sycamore and 1 ebook of Out of the Flames, I Love Diverse Romance bookmark and bracelet, one paperback of Under the Sycamore, one paperback of Out of the Flames. (So there is a total of 5 prizes) 

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