Monday, March 11, 2024

Trump Your Life - Book Tour and Giveaway


 Trump Your Life is the ultimate personal empowerment book.  

Trump Your Life

25 Life Lessons From the Ups and Downs of The 45th President of the United States

by Dr. Keith Ablow & Christian Josi

Genre: Self-Help, Political Non-Fiction

 Love him or not, it is undeniable that there’s an awful lot to learn from President Donald Trump’s life and his approach to it. With Trump Your Life, readers can become more resolute, resourceful, and resilient than ever.

Dr. Keith Ablow and Christian Josi (with help in the form of a foreword by the one and only Roger Stone) have combined in-depth personal experience with the president and decades of creative, political and media work with renowned skills in psychological analysis to create this concise, entertaining and highly enlightening manual for those who want to win. Trump Your Life delivers 25 key lessons from President Trump’s life to help readers make their own lives more fulfilling, successful, and powerful.

Anyone can make his or her life great---or great again―using the keys found in Trump Your Life to transforming relationships, revolutionizing one’s approach to work, achieving the success one has dreamt of, or revitalizing one’s family, community, or even country.

Makes a great gift.

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 Dr. Keith Ablow is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of 16 books.  He was a national, on-air Contributor for the Fox News Network for 12 years, appearing hundreds of times on Fox & Friends, The Sean Hannity Show and The O’Reilly Factor, as well as with Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck and Meghan Kelly.   Dr. Ablow was also the Host  and Executive Producer of The Dr. Keith Ablow Show, syndicated nationally by Warner Brothers.  He has been a columnist for the New York Post and the Washington Post and has contributed writings to Newsweek, Discover magazine, Psychiatric Times and a host of other publications.  Dr. Ablow has been profiled by People Magazine, the New York Times, Boston Magazine, the New York Post and the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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