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It Came From... - Book Tour and Giveaway


The only book to completely examine the origins of classic fantasy films by including an in-depth examination of the source material and its author, the screenwriter’s contribution in adapting it, and an analysis of how that combination resulted in the production of the final film.

It Came From…

The Stories and Novels Behind Classic Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Films

by Jim Nemeth and Bob Madison

Genre: Film History, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction

How many times have you said, the book was better? And how many times was that actually true?

The cinema of the fantastic has benefitted from literary adaptations on a level unlike any other genre. With such brilliant authors as Mary Shelley, Robert Bloch, Pierre Boulle, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert Louis Stevenson to choose from, it's no surprise that fantastic film shares its pedigree with literary fiction.
But do films never live up to their literary inspirations? Or are some movies just ... better than the books that inspired them?

Join genre critics Jim Nemeth and Bob Madison for a rule-busting examination of 21 classic - and not so classic - horror, fantasy and science fiction films, and the classic - and not so classic - books that inspired them.

It Came From...The Stories and Novels Behind Classic Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Films will delight legions of movie buffs along with devoted readers of cherished fantastic fiction.

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By day, Jim Nemeth is a technical writer within the fields of computer software and biotechnology.

As a professional writer, in 1993, Jim won 1st Prize in a national magazine’s short story writing contest for which novelists Ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch were judges. Winning held special meaning for Jim, as Robert Bloch remains his favorite writer and main literary influence. Jim has had essays, articles and reviews printed in a variety of magazines, including Filmfax, Mad About Movies, and Scary Monsters.

A long-time community activist, Jim is particularly committed to the causes of animal rescue and breast cancer research.

It Came From…: The Stories and Novels Behind Classic Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Films is his first book.

Born and raised in Chicago, Jim now lives with his husband in historic Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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