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The Olympus Project - Book Tour and Giveaway


 A secret organisation delivers swift justice where the system fails.

Pages filled with tension and suspense.

The Olympus Project

The Phoenix Series Book 1

by Ted Tayler

Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Crime Fiction

A man plucked from a watery grave and given a new identity, meet The Phoenix – a ruthless assassin sculpted by circumstance. Embraced by the Olympus Project, a clandestine bastion against injustice, The Phoenix becomes the embodiment of swift, unyielding retribution. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of unrelenting action, immersing you in a world of high-stakes intrigue. With characters so vivid, you’ll feel their breath on your skin, the Olympus Project is the spellbinding thriller series for which you’ve been searching.

Colin Bailey is The Phoenix. In the book that preceded this series, a tragic event turned Colin’s life upside down and unleashed a killing spree in his quiet West Country town. He narrowly cheated death under Pulteney Weir in the Roman City of Bath, and is now working with a secret organisation engaged in fighting injustice. The Phoenix has a clearly defined set of values regarding what is right and what is wrong. He believes guilty criminals must pay the price.
(Read CONCEPTION – THE BIRTH OF THE PHOENIX – for Colin Bailey’s story)

Larcombe Manor is the headquarters of The Olympus Project and lies several miles northwest of Bath. The true nature of the organisation is hidden from the outside world. The Charity Commission believes the Manor is home to service personnel suffering from PTSD who are treated at the Manor until they’re ready to return to duty or civilian life. Larcombe is the family home of Commodore William Horatio Hunt OBE, and he is the senior Olympus agent on site: code name Erebus.

"Tayler's intrigue is timely given world events. I can easily see the premise being real.”
Vigilantes motivated by hope for a better world. Justice delivered where the system fails."
Characters using their personal tragedies as motivation to fix the world."
"Spinning a tale of fear and violence straight from world headlines."

The Olympus Project
Gold, Silver, and Bombs
Nothing Is Ever Forever
In The Lap of The Gods
The Price of Treachery
A New Dawn
Something Wicked Draws Near
Evil Always Finds A Way
Revenge Comes in Many Colours
Three Weeks in September
A Frequent Peal Of Bells
Larcombe Manor

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Ted Tayler is the international best-selling indie author of the Freeman Files and Phoenix series. His next project is another series of challenging mysteries set in England in the 1930s. Brothers In Crime is scheduled to appear on Amazon from October 2023.

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Ted Tayler lives in the English West country, where his stories are based. Born in 1945, Ted’s been married to Lynne since 1971. They have three children and four grandchildren.

Since he published his first novel in 2013, Ted has sold over 50,000 books and surpassed 20 million page reads on Kindle Unlimited. His thought-provoking mysteries appeal to readers of Sally Rigby, Joy Ellis, Pauline Rowson, and Faith Martin. His action-packed thrillers are a must for fans of Mark Dawson, Jack Mars, and J C Ryan.

Gus Freeman’s cold case investigations are carried out with reasoned deduction rather than bursts of frantic action. In each of the 24 books, unsolved murder is accompanied by romance, humour, and country life. The core message in the 12 Phoenix novels is that criminals should pay for their crimes. Unfortunately, the current system fails to deliver the correct punishment, so Phoenix helps redress the balance.

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