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Author Spotlight: Gerry Burke - Book Tour and Giveaway


Laugh, smile, snigger, snicker, snort and giggle with Gerry Burke's humorous short stories!


Featuring Dusty Rhodes, the K9 Kid & the Doberman Who Didn't Like Doughnuts

by Gerry Burke

Genre: Humorous Short Stories 

Every morning I take my constitutional along the beach path in the suburb where I live. The early risers are already there with their dogs, every conceivable breed.

All of the canines have a story to tell, so I thought I might like to speak out on their behalf. You will be surprised with the extent and nature of their adventures. In fact, these humorous dog tales are unbelievable.

We already laud our heroes in the form of Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and Snoopy. I hope these captivating stories will now shine a light on the likes of Baloo, Atticus, and William, the Wet Nose Wonder. In the meantime, give your dog a bone.

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Citizen Vain:

Stories From Down Under and All Over

by Gerry Burke

Genre: Humorous Short Stories

Stories from Down Under and all over! Humility is not a common virtue among the rich and famous. The protagonists in these narratives come from all parts of the globe, and have experienced the dizzy heights of fame and fortune. These are people who have let vanity overcome wisdom. Tall poppies need to be cut down to size, and plotting their downfall has been my pleasure.

The Bonfire of the Vanities was hot. These yarns are hotter.” Lucifer Beelzebub

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My Book of Revelations:

Stories that Burst the Bubble of Believability

by Gerry Burke

Genre: Humorous Short Stories

History, heroes, horror, and Hollywood! Every story with a sting in the tail. Lady Godiva; The Charge of the Light Brigade; The Borgias; and Tales from the Old West: stories that never happened, but should have. Plus the heroes of today; crime-fighters, patriots, and protagonists of purpose. No wonder the villains never win. Of course, you can’t blame them for trying.

Laugh, smile, snigger, snicker, snort and giggle! The author’s revelations will be hard to believe, and harder to forget. There’s always a bubble to burst.

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Gerry Burke received a Jesuit-inspired education at Xavier College in Melbourne, Australia, where he still lives. Before commencing his long career in advertising, the author was employed by an international mining company, which included a three-year stint in New Guinea. He also dabbled in the horse-racing industry, as an owner and breeder, with some success. Being a former accountant and advertising creative, no one expected Gerry to become a published author, but he embraced this initiative to stave off dementia.

He has since penned six novels, seven volumes of short stories, and two offerings of commentary and opinion relating to politics, entertainment, sport and travel. The PEST pseudonym was subjected to a sea change with the introduction of popular discount detective Paddy Pest to booklovers everywhere.

Most people see the garrulous gumshoe from Down Under as a cross between James Bond and Maxwell Smart, and he has been the protagonist in a number of the author’s humour-laden publications. In recent times, there have been diversions into Science Fiction and absolute fiction, all of which have won enthusiastic acclaim.

Mr. Burke’s credentials have been well established, with twelve of his books featuring as a winner or finalist in a variety of international literary competitions. Three volumes have received multiple citations.

Gerry is single and lives with photographs of his best racehorses.

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