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Whispers of the Nordic Draugr - Book Tour and Giveaway


In 16th-century Scandinavia, Katarina's fate intertwines with Ulrik's dark demonic past. Love and darkness converge in a captivating tale of redemption amidst ancient legends. 

Whispers of the Nordic Draugr

by Caroline Helenasdotter

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance, Romantasy 

In the misty realms of 16th-century Scandinavia, where myths dance with reality, Katarina finds herself ensnared in a perilous dance between the mortal and the ethereal. Possessed by the elusive mare, her world fractures, and the shadows grow darker. But amidst the chaos, a reluctant guardian emerges - Ulrik, the enigmatic master of her estate, harboring demonic secrets darker than the midnight sea.

Haunted by a past veiled in blood and sorrow, Ulrik battles not only his own demons but the sinister machinations of Vasilij, his tyrannical draugr maker. Bound by an unholy pact, their fates entwine with Katarina's, as love and darkness collide in a deadly game of fate.

As Ulrik and Katarina traverse the treacherous landscapes of love and fear, they must confront not only the malevolent mare but the looming specter of Vasilij, whose hunger for power knows no bounds. In a tale woven with romance and terror, their journey unfolds, where every step taken could lead to salvation or damnation.

Enter a world where passion ignites amidst the howling winds, and where the line between hero and villain blurs in the flickering light of ancient legends. Prepare to be ensnared in the spellbinding tale of Katarina and Ulrik, where love defies even the darkest of shadows.

Experience a spellbinding blend of love, passion, folklore and mystique.

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Caroline Helenasdotter is a Swedish author born in 1986, living in the south of Sweden with her partner and two small children aged 3 and 6. She holds a bachelor's degree in political science and language from the University of Lund. Helenasdotter has lived and worked in Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, and Russia, and she is fluent in Portuguese. When not writing or spending time with her family, she enjoys practicing yoga, martial arts, and running.

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