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The End of Crows Series - Book Tour and Giveaway


End of Crows

End of Crows Book 1

by R.A. Lingenfelter

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure, SciFi


A new twist on modern warfare. 17-year-old Willow Danner holds on tight the one thing the Dominion Government can’t control: her imagination and hope for freedom. She replays the stories her parents have told her when America was free and your life was your own. Her mother and father have been planning on escaping to their hidden faction and are ready to implement the strategy.
Willow shoves down her fear of being caught by the Dominion constables. Trackers are in every person’s jaw, and any display of deviance from the government’s ruling means instant death. Her dreams of living a life of her choosing are stronger than the risk of getting caught.
Once in the free zone, will she be accepted by her new faction, The Crows, or will she find she is still a slave under a different regime?
This is not a game for the weak of spirit, and blood is the currency.

"The comparisons of Willow to Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games fame are clearly evident as Willow's talent as a fighter and her determination to win come to the surface. Without training of any kind, she displays great skill in the use of a variety of weapons as well as her bare hands. But, Willow possesses more than these physical abilities and as the story unfolds, her supernatural gifts become more evident and specific to the plotlines. Also like Collins, R.A. Lingenfelter writes tight, straight-to-the-point sentences and paragraphs that propel the reader through each event and scene without undue and unnecessary detail.
In particular, Lingenfelter's ability to build characters simultaneously to the ever-increasing tension of the primary plotline is evidenced by her multiple appearances at the top of Amazon's bestseller lists. End of Crows, while standing on its own, is also the perfect lead novel in the four-book series. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy fast-paced action/adventure stories with hints of the supernatural and powerful lead characters like Willow!" ~
Reader's Favorite

"It’s an excellent comparison to make between the willfulness of teenage rebellion and the passionate but desperate nature of a freedom fighter’s rebellion, and R.A. Lingenfelter doesn’t waste an ounce of the concept's potential in this exciting and tense story of acceptance and the will to fight back. I adored the world-building on show on every page with the Dominion being a constant source of low-level anxiety between run-ins in exactly the way that living under a regime of that nature would be. I particularly enjoyed how for much of the story they were able to be a threat despite not being physically present, such was the terror invoked by the idea of the Dominion that even discussion of them became intimidating. End of Crows is an outstanding work of dystopian fiction that captures both the oppressive nature of living under a hostile regime as well as the spark of resistance that lies in people no matter how much they fear for their lives." ~
Reader's Favorite

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Flight of Sparrows

End of Crows Book 2


Nightmares from the past won’t allow Willow to rest. The Crows are scattered and wounded, and Willow must go back into Dominion territory…alone. An unfamiliar threat knows she’s coming and is waiting patiently as new powers unveil themselves and she continues to discover the hidden warrior within. But will those powers keep her safe or will she become a sacrifice of the Dominion?

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Rise of Falcons

End of Crows Book 3


Despite her rescue mission being successful, time behind the Dominion walls has scarred her and enemies who know of her powers are watching; while family conspires against her. But Willow's conscience won't allow those behind the walls to suffer any longer Will her uprising bring the Crows success or annihilation?

Declaration of Crows

End of Crows Book 4


Unrest filled the political parties of the United States. Christine knew it trickled down to the American people but being twenty-one and in her first year of college, she longed to graduate and begin her life. But her world, her country, was about to change all of that. Disease and uprising spread as quickly as the wildfires that were set. As dissention rose, she was forced to defend herself and powers she never knew she had emerged. Christine quickly realized her old life was dying and in its place; a new life. If she didn’t prepare properly, she would never live to see it.

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Gathering of Corvids

End of Crows Book 5

Having been an automotive mechanic for 25+ years, R.A. Lingenfelter never dreamed she would be an International Gold Medal award winning author, or an IMDb certified award-winning director and producer for multiple international film festivals.

Having an incredible networking and support system, R.A. acknowledges that it takes many hands and talents to support and grow her writing and film careers. Her writing has won accolades and has been compared to Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games, and Veronica Roth's Divergent, but she definitely wants her writing voice to be as unique as her personality.

R.A.'s gratitude for her father grows each year, even after his death, as he was the one who read her notes on ways to kill off her boss via vehicular homicide after he fired her for taking maternity leave. Instead of spending time behind bars, R.A. happily spends her time behind the laptop plotting new worlds and new ways of vengeance.

Her book series, End of Crows, was scheduled to premiere at the 2020 Denver Comicon but unfortunately, Covid changed that. The series has won the highly coveted Gold Medal Reader's Favorite Award for Young Adult Adventure in 2022. She's had four of her novels hit #1 on Amazon and hopes to earn more credentials with her writing.

She lives in Colorado with her city-boy husband with six and a quarter horses, (Mr. Moonlight only counts as 25% horse) her four dogs and two incredible and also sarcastic daughters.

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