Sunday, December 4, 2022

Keeping Promises - Book Tour and Giveaway


Keeping Promises:

To Everyone But Herself

by Marilyn L. Hart

Genre: Women's Fiction

Beth stares at herself in the bathroom mirror and sees a depressed, overworked woman. As she has done many other times in her life, she asks her deceased twin, “Where did I go, Sissy?” Wishing her sister could magically twirl a wand and make her life the one she always dreamed of, not the one she's living.

She lets out a deep sigh because looking back at her is the same woman she was staring at before. She walks into her bedroom and plops down on the bed. How is it possible that next month she turns 50 years old? Where did the time go? Why has she continued to work at a job she never wanted or stayed married to a man she should have divorced years ago? She just wants to curl up in a ball, cry her heart out, eat chocolate and junk food and stay in bed for the next two weeks and not attend her yearly master class.

Just then, in walks the bane of her existence, her husband Charles. Looking at him she remembers the first time she had seen him and how her heart had beat faster. Now all she feels is anger and it's boiling to the surface. He tells her it's her menopause acting out when she knows it runs much deeper than that.

At the airport she feels a rebellion and freedom she had never felt before and does something completely out of character; she decides to take a vacation. Except this vacation doesn’t turn out anything like she thought it would. Within an hour of landing at her parents’ home in Florida, she receives phone calls from two people she trusts, that her husband has been having an affair. If that wasn’t bad enough, the next day she learns the lying, cheating scoundrel is trying to sell her company, cheating her out of millions of dollars.

Even though her life feels as if it’s falling apart, synchronicities start to fall into place helping her to discover there are no accidents in life. That even at 50 years old, she can start living the life of her dreams, find love and be happy.

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Ever since I was little I have loved using my imagination and making up stories in my head. Now I use my imagination and put them into books.

In each of my books, there is a personal connection, whether it is the people, places or events. In my latest book, "I Saw The Signs, I Just Ignored Them", I did take this cruise with my three girlfriends. I just had fun embellishing what happened to us.

My other books include, "Johnny's Gift", "Sarah's Gift" and "The Chance To Do It Again".

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