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The Rising Sisterhood - Book Tour and Giveaway


The Rising Sisterhood: Rise With Us

A Journey to Radical Acceptance and Unwavering Solidarity

The Rising Sisterhood Series Book 3

Compiled by Founder Amy Edge

Genre: Nonfiction, Women's Inspirational

To all of the women who’ve decided to light a fire in their lives and step out into the spotlight.

Many of us live our whole lives with this nagging feeling like there is something wrong with us. Somehow, others are more worthy, have it more together, or understand something about life that we don’t.

This is something that plagues so many of us, and it breaks my heart. We secretly feel unworthy, and we are afraid to take the risk to let others see us as we are.

This book collaboration is written by women for women like you. Those that are ready to break free of the status quo and the mindless hamster wheel of life. It is for our sisterhood. Our authors are standing in the uncomfortableness of telling their raw and proactive stories so they can show other women, you, if you speak up and say what you believe, want, or need, and are ready to feel your power and make yourself heard -- there is so much enlightenment on the other side.

The Rising Sisterhood's pages reflect the intimate choices that were made to rise above challenging situations and as a result, live extraordinary lives.

Join these BOLD Leaders & Womxn as they transparently share their courage and transformations of rising above our shared challenges.

Thanks to our co-authors: Marjanna Barber-Dubois, Jesi Carroll, Sonya Davis, Bianca Demsa, Kat Frey, Jacqueline Fusco, Chimere Goldsboro, Marci Hedderson-Carroll, Lesha Malone, Angela Milano-Hnas, Laura Parsons, Kristi Peek, Laney Ray, Jessica Rodriguez, Elsbeth Thurston, Kristen Westcott, Sandra Vaughan.

Our note:It’s important for our readers to know that these stories are based on real-life examples from our co-authors. These stories may include references to the following; attempted suicide, cutting, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual preferences and orientation, physical abuse, mental abuse, and emotional abuse.

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Amy Edge founded The Rising Sisterhood based on an idea that kept ‘nagging’ her, the idea began as a quiet whisper that eventually grew and grew, until action and momentum took hold. She began this journey with just that, “grit.” Unaware if she was capable of creating the platform she felt was needed, she began to lock arms with the incredible authors that would shape the first book of The Rising Sisterhood. From there, Amy has built a small army of dedicated women who are ready to disrupt the current status quo of authenticity. 

She truly believes that each person is granted a unique story and that every single story deserves to be told. And, that every sister deserves a safe place to feel welcomed, celebrated, encouraged, and lifted up as we all rise and change our own narratives.

When Amy is not running alongside her sisters in The Rising Sisterhood movement she is building her Operations & Team Consultancy business of over eight years. She is the quintessential best friend of change-makers. She complements the blue-sky audacious goals of her visionary counterparts. She blends her skills of project management, team leadership, and GSD attitude into the equation to help achieve (and exceed) their business goals. With her strategic partnership, she helps businesses increase profit, empower their teams, and scale their businesses.

Through these efforts, her support enables her clients and their businesses the ‘space’ needed to create generational wealth that empowers our future entrepreneurs while building their own legacy.

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