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The Magic in Fire - Book Tour and Giveaway


The Magic in Fire
Genre: Fantasy Anthology
with stories by
Victoria Young, Dragonness Wyverna, A. H. Serrano, L. R. Huseboe, Kieran McKiel,
A. A. Warne, R. A. Darlinge, Aörali Eden, B. R. Storm, Ilona Krueger,
Serena Dawson, Michelle Crow, J. T. Moriarty


Twelve stories - Thirteen authors.
One theme - The Magic in Fire.


Victoria Young - The Doll Boutique
There’s nothing healthy about a tan – Melinda had heard the warnings and frankly, being stuck in a cramped white coffin was not her idea of fun. But when she wakes from the solarium bed in a dusty prison cell, Melinda realises she’s gotten herself into a tighter spot than she expected.

Dragonness Wyverna - Fire Under Water
Humans have come to the desert, and with them comes death. The oasis has been an indestructible black rock and shelter for the Desharihn fire sprites for generations. But when a band of humans arrive to mine the rock, it is up to Fia, the last Rahar sprite, to save the tribe from the humans’ immutable greed.

A. H. Serrano - Conviction by Fire
Blessed with the power of fire, Lhii Fuéra’s duty is to protect, but in the aftermath of a murder, she’s the one placed on trial. As the daughter of a great general, Lhii soon realizes that justice matters little among the powerful, and she’s faced with a choice: Become the victim or blame the victim.

L. R. Huseboe - Flames of Green
Jaer and his Knight Commander Kae, wander the thick forest in search of information about their missing spy. What they found was a battle against their century-long enemy, the Shaedyn. Will they prevail or face the same unknown fate?

Kieran McKiel - Hummingbird
Far from home and missing his love, Marco is fighting a war to end all wars. When hope seems lost, a strange entity appears with an offer to help him survive.

A. A. Warne - The Masters of Fire
The Masters of Fire were once a powerful brotherhood, but now only two of their brothers remain in the free world. Will they be strong enough to liberate their kin from the clutches of the Mad King? Or will an uncomfortable truth unravel their master plan?

B. R. Storm The Harbinger
Since the beginning of Earth, Watcher has been tethered to immortality, waiting for the final soul to depart. The day finally comes and Watcher prepares for rest, but he’s confronted by the bringer of apocalyptic carnage.

Ilona Krueger - Song of my Soul
Always the realist, Felicity does not entertain anything that is unscientifically based. Her clinical assertions leave no room for magic and imagination. It is said, however, that Pride goes before a fall. And fall, she does. Is there salvation from the pit? Does she rise from the ashes? Is there hope for a new understanding?

Serena Dawson - A Spark of Courage
Prince Zabriel’s fire magic is weak, but Princess Maniela’s will to defy their cruel father is strong. Zabriel agrees to help his sister, and she leads them into a battle that will determine the fate and future of their kingdom.

Michelle Crow The Flame
When Momma Courtney shows up on Prudence's doorstep and draws magical wards to protect the house from an impending attack; Prudence's reality is thrown into chaos as she discovers she's the last Flame Keeper. Now with the entire village's lives in her hands, can she save them from the body-snatching Ifrits with her untrained powers?

J. T. Moriarty - Petals of Autumn
As the legendary dragon, Flallemin, sets its sights on Goblin Birchwoods, Wedina has an impossible challenge: train the entire tribe. While there are plenty of shields, there’s only one sword and Wedina knows it’ll take more than might to deal with the hungry dragon.

Also featuring:
R. A. Darlinge & Aörali Eden - Fated Shadows

    Who is your hero and why?

Adryanna - I don’t tend to use the term hero, but someone I look up to is my mother. Growing up, I had no idea the things she protected us from or how much she suffered in silence. Becoming an adult, and therefore, privy to those secrets, gave me a whole new appreciation for the person she is and the lengths she went to to protect her family.

Amanda - My heroes are those who go unnoticed, those who do good for no other reason but to help, those who suffer and struggle to face the day but do it anyway, and those who need help and ask for it. Life is tough but there is more goodness in the world than anything else.

Brandon - As I’ve gotten older, I find hero to be a bit complicated. I do have three inspirations who serve as constant reminders to try to be a better person and who’ve led me down the road to writing. As a kid, I held on to a lot of anger throughout my upbringing. Like, a lot. Find Jason Mraz was the greatest step to diffusing that bomb. Something about his music just possesses the ability to let it go and love everything. Similar with J. K. Rowling. I grew up with her works and she taught me the importance of friendship and, to some degree, the detriments of self-isolation. She also lit the spark that made me want to tell a tale someone would find worth sticking through and revisiting. Stephen King poured the gallons and gallons of gasoline. I read The Stand in the seventh grade and started writing the following day I finished.

Brittany - My husband and my children. My husband is an incredible man and partner. He loves his little monsters so fiercely, which is something I never had as a kid. I didn't want my children experiencing what I did and I'm beyond grateful for him. We met when I was 21 and he was 23, so… we've watched one another grow individually and have supported each other through each new growth and milestone. My children are also my little heroes… not just because they wear capes, masks, and crowns… but they amaze me everyday with their kindness, introspection, and unconditional love. Plus, they're annoyingly smart...

Debi - Any heroes I have are human, and therefore they aren’t going to be perfect, and I’m not going to agree with everything they believe or have done. That said, my main hero is J.R.R. Tolkien, the father of modern fantasy. He loved mythology, he had a strong group of writers to support and encourage him, and he wrote what he wanted to read. He built a world that is vast and complex, and he never gave up on the work of his heart, The Silmarillion. His works inspired so many future writers (myself included), and his books were being written/completed decades after his death. That is the level of author I aspire to be.

Ilona - I am not really a hero person, although if there were a real-life Superman, I would appreciate the help, security and protection he might give. I admire people who are creative, but I don’t idolize them. I am enthusiastic about what achievements they may have made but I also realize that the ordinary person, while not acclaimed, is just as important as a hero in his/her own way.

Having said all this, I have a firm faith in God, and hence God would be my real hero.

Jay - Steve Irwin actually. I can’t think of a more honest person or a better emblem for the Australian spirit, which has diminished in the decade since his passing. His passion and single mindedness reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger too, who is still pumping irons and promoting self drive today. Oh, let’s add Brandon Sanderson, who writes as often as we all would like to. Phil K Dick for his quiet achiever award, he never really fames as a great writer while alive.

Kieran - I don’t really have heroes. There’s a lot of people I respect and admire, but I’ve just never thought of anyone as a hero.

Laura - I find hero to be such a broad term. But, if I had to choose someone, it would be my mother-in-law. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and has been fighting hard to keep living a normal life as much as she can. Thankfully, she’s doing well, and the cancer has stopped spreading. I am in awe of her strength and faith every day that passes and am so proud to have her in my life.

Serena - Choosing one is so hard. I admire all the women of my family, and my mum especially, who despite struggles and heartbreak choose to keep living bravely and kindly. I admire my husband who has overcome huge hardship to become the wonderful man he is now.

Vicky - 2020 has definitely been a year of appreciation for emergency service providers. Apart from Covid-19 we’ve had drought, floods, bushfires, freak snowstorms, heatwaves… it all really makes you appreciate the people who protect lives and livelihoods.

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