Thursday, May 14, 2020

Colorado: Cheeseburgers, Hot Springs, and the Rodeo - Book Tour and Giveaway

Colorado: Cheeseburgers, Hot Springs and the Rodeo
Think You Know Your States? Book 12 
by Chelsea Falin and Victoria Hammond 
Genre: Nonfiction, State Trivia 

Think you know your states?

Did you know that the cheeseburger was invented in Colorado?
Or how about that Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana on all levels?
Or that Colorado has the highest "lowest point" of all the states?

If you want to find out more interesting, little known, well known, strange, or unusual facts about Colorado, this book is a must read! Sections include:

*General State Facts
*Facts By City
*Strange News
*Infamous Crimes
*Natural Disasters
*Most Popular Baby Names by Birth Year
*Population & Growth By Decade
*Famous Coloradans By Birth

Everything you'd ever want to know about Colorado, and so much more! Want to learn about other states? Make sure you check out the other 'Think You Know Your States?' books! States currently covered include Florida, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Maryland, Arizona, Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, Indiana, Montana, and Missouri!

(Book contains mildly violent subject matter in certain sections. Recommended for ages 10+, but is great for all ages with parental assistance and guidance) 

Vol 11, Missouri 

Vol 10, Montana 

Vol 9, Indiana

Vol 8, South Dakota 

Vol 7, Mississippi 

Vol 6, Idaho

Vol 5, Arizona

Vol 4, Maryland

Vol 3, West Virginia

Vol 2, Wisconsin

Vol 1, Florida

About Chelsea Falin 

Chelsea Falin is the independent author of 30 titles in the romance, young adult, and nonfiction genres. She began writing with intents to publish in 2006, and finally released her first book in 2009, at the age of 19. She has since released several standalone books and multiple series, which include "The Benson Family Chronicles," The Growing Roots Series," and "Think You Know Your States? Series." Additionally, Chelsea is a content marketing specialist and book blogger. 

About Victoria Hammond 

Victoria Hammond is the co-author of the “Think You Know Your States? Series.” As a ten-year-old honor student she often assists Chelsea with researching state history and facts. Victoria’s hobbies include graphic design, animation, track, and other art creation. She aspires to be a crazy cat lady and famous YouTube animator. 

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